Header Widgets

The contents of header widgets appear at the very top of the page, above the logo/heading. You can choose to place an additional navigation menu or social media links here.

These two widgets form this area:

  • Header - Left
  • Header - Right

Header - Right

Inside the right header, you might want to insert a few handy links, for example a Contact Us button. 

In order to set up a custom menu for this area, you can go to  Appearance > Menus and click Create New Menu (for example "Top Left") at the top. For more information on how to create menus, please read  https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Menu_User_Guide.
Now go to Appearance > Widgets then drag and drop a  Navigation Menu widget into the widget area named  Header - Right. In the widget settings, and select the menu, for example "Top Right", that you would like to see in the left area of the header. 

Header - Left

In the demo, you can see social media links above the logo. In order to set them up, go to  Appearance > Widgets then drag and drop a Navigation Menu into the widget area named Header - Left. Then, select the Social menu, and save the settings. 

More information on setting up social media links can be found here

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