Update Pro Theme - Old WordPress Versions (up to 5.4.x)

After you install the theme and have used it for a few days, you may get a notification on your dashboard saying that there is a theme update available. That will happen when we make changes, updates, and fixes to the theme. It is best to update your theme as soon as possible after you see the update notification.

In order to update your theme to the latest version, and for detailed step by step instructions with images: please follow the instructions  here

Please note – clicking “Update Now” for this theme will not work. We currently do not support automatic theme updates (this is in the works). If you do click the “Update Now” button, you will see something like this: “Update Failed: Update package not available”. 

Updating the theme requires you to basically overwrite all the files in your current theme folder with the ones from the latest package which can be downloaded from your LyraThemes account.

Please note that if you have made any modifications directly to your theme files, then those edits/changes will be lost if you update the theme to the latest version. The best way to make changes in your theme is through a Child Theme.

Please note: if you purchased the theme from  MOJO Marketplace or ThemeForest, please log into your account there and download the theme again. The file will contain the latest version of the theme.

The theme installation file will come as a zip file, for example vega-pro.zip or kale-pro.zip. Extract the zip file on your computer. Log into your hosting via FTP and simply overwrite all the files in your theme folder with the ones from this newly downloaded package. For a detailed tutorial on how to do this, click  here.

If you would like us to help, please  submit a support request. Please be sure to send us your hosting login or FTP credentials, along with a WordPress admin login to your website.

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