Upgrade from Free

In order to upgrade from your free theme to the pro version, you simply need to replace all the files in your current free theme folder (for example  wp-content/themes/elara) with the new ones from the pro theme zip installation file that you downloaded from your LyraThemes.com account.

Extract the Pro theme zip file on your computer. Log into your hosting via FTP and simply overwrite all the files in your theme folder with the ones from this newly downloaded / extracted package.

You can use a free FTP tool such as   FileZilla or WinSCP. You will need an FTP username and password, which should be available in your hosting control panel. You can also contact your hosting support for the FTP credentials.

Things to keep in mind:

  • In order to keep the settings from your free version, make sure that the folder name for the free version and the pro version are the same.
  • If your free theme is installed in a folder wp-content/themes/elara then you should upload the files from the pro package elara-pro.zip into the same folder. Do not change the name, and don't create a new folder. 
  • If you are uploading the pro theme using FTP, simply overwrite the old free theme folder with the folder from the new pro package.
  • We recommend backing up all files and the database before performing the theme upgrade.

If you would like us to help, please  submit a support request. Please be sure to send us your hosting login or FTP credentials, along with a WordPress admin login to your website.

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