Install Recommended Plugins

In order to use all of the powerful features that our themes have to offer, we recommend plugins when the theme is first installed. 

It is really up to you whether you'd like to install those plugins. You can "Dismiss" the recommendation notice if you do not wish to proceed with the plugin installation.

Installing Kirki

For some of our themes, like Elara and Elara Pro, if you want to make use of the full power that the themes have to offer, you will need to install the Kirki plugin.

The Kirki plugin enables numerous settings in the Customizer menu of the theme. Included are more than 30 custom control types ranging from simple sliders to complex typography controls with Google-Fonts integration, automatic CSS generation, and tooltips. 

After installing the theme, you will be prompted to install Kirki and you can just follow the instructions on your dashboard or Customizer.

Otherwise, you can download and activate Kirki through by going to  Plugins > Add New and then search for the Kirki plugin. Click Install and Activate. 

You can also download the plugin through the WordPress plugin repository  here and upload the .zip file directly on the Dashboard > Plugins > Add New menu.

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