Sample Data Import

Here is how you can install the data and settings shown on our demo site at

Download the demo data from
You will have three files in the zip file:
  • julietpro.wordpress.*.xml
  • juliet-pro-options.dat
  • juliet-pro-widgets.wie
The XML julietpro.wordpress.*.xml provides the WordPress import data (all posts, pages, menus, etc.). Go to Tools > Import and click on WordPress. Read more about this here Import the XML file from the zip file you just downloaded.
The DAT file juliet-pro-options.dat gives you a way to import our Customize settings / theme options. Install and activate this plugin: Go to Appearance > Customize. Scroll down to the last option called E xport/Import. Now import the DAT file here.
The WIE file juliet-pro-widgets.wie allows you to import all of our sample demo widgets. Install and activate this plugin: Then go to Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter and import the WIE file here.
Go to Appearance > Menus or go to the Menus section in the Customizer. Here you need to assign the “Main” menu to the “Main Menu” and the “Off Canvas Menu” locations.

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