Recipe Index (Pro Only)

This is a special template available in this theme using which you can display an "index" or collection of recipes belonging to specific categories. 

The Recipe Index template may not work as expected withthe new WordPress 5+ version if you're using the new "blocks" editor. In order to keep using the recipe template feature, use the Classic Editor. Learn more here.

See it in action  here

In order to set up a new Recipe Index page, create a new page and select "Recipe Index" as the page template.
Click "Save" or "Update" for the page to reveal a new set of special options for this page: "Kale – Recipe Index Options".
If you select / enter nothing into the special options for this page (Kale – Recipe Index Options), then the resulting page will show 3 posts each for all the categories in your blog.
Check mark the categories you would like to show on this Recipe Index template. You can also drag and drop the categories in the order in which you would like to display them.
To change the default number of posts that will be shown, enter the number of posts you’d like to show for each category.

Tip: Remember, posts will be shown 3 in a row, so entering a multiple of 3 ensures that the page looks nice and balanced!

You can have as many Recipe Index pages as you like – create a new one for every set of categories that you want to display.

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