Page Options


In Kale, you can control the display of your pages under  Appearance > Customize > Pages by choosing whether to display a sidebar or not and whether to display the featured image at the top of the page.

Tip: A "Full Width" page template is available for overriding the sidebar selection here, so that any page can be displayed as a full width page if needed.

The layout option allows you to choose the global setting for page sidebars - turn this on to display a right hand sidebar on pages. 

Enable Featured Image 

Kale (2.4.3+), Kale Pro (..) has an option to toggle the featured images on or off across all pages. If you would like to hide them across the entire website, turn this off. 

If this option is turned on, then the page level setting for featured images (Default, Banner, or Hide) will be used.

Share Links (Pro Only)

Kale Pro 2.3+ has options to display social media sharing options at the top and bottom of the page content, under  Appearance > Customize > Pages:

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