Post Options

Under Appearance > Customize > Posts.
  • Control the post layout here by choosing whether you want to show a sidebar, the featured image at the top, and the post meta information.
  • You also have the option to show the built-in related posts (pro only), and you can also control the next/previous posts navigation from here.
  • You can also choose whether to display share icons on the post – at the beginning and end of the post (Pro only).
  • A "Jump to Recipe" link (pro only) can also be added to posts that display the built-in recipe card.

Post Excerpts

If no excerpts are explicitly provided in the Excerpt field, WordPress creates one automatically. In Kale, that is automatically generated using the first 45 words of the post.

The trimmed-down automatic version contains a ‘more’ tag at the end which by default is the […] or “hellip” symbol. A user-supplied excerpt is NOT by default given such a symbol. 

Kale (2.5+) and Kale Pro (2.6+) contain new options to modify the "Read more" Text for excerpts. You can change it from the default to any text of your choice and you can choose to link it to your post.

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