Recipe Index (Pro Only)

The Recipe Index template may not work as expected withthe new WordPress 5+ version if you're using the new "blocks" editor. In order to keep using the recipe template feature, use the Classic Editor. Learn more here.

The Recipe Index page template is a powerful template to display and organize your posts. 

To create a recipe index, create a new page from the Dashboard.
choose "Recipe Index" as the page template (from the Page Attributes area on the right hand side) and click "Publish".
After the edit page loads again, you will see new settings in light purple boxes on the right sidebar.

There are two ways this page template can be set up.

Without the Search and Filter Plugin:

If the  plugin is not installed or is inactive, Elara Pro comes with a built-in Recipe Index format that allows you to check mark the categories you would like to show on this Recipe Index template. You can also drag and drop the categories in the order in which you would like to display them.

Here is a demo of the Recipe Index template without the plugin activated (without filters).

Using the Search and Filter Plugin:

If the Search and Filter plugin is active, select from categories, tags, and dates to be displayed as "filters" in the left hand sidebar. 

Click  here for a demo of the Recipe Index with the plugin activated (with filters).

This allows your users to drill down to find the exact posts they are interested in. In order to apply the Search and Filter selection, go to the Recipe Index editing page. You can find the Filter settings on the purple sidebar below the Recipe Index settings:

You can choose categories and tags by clicking the checkboxes. User can also click a date picker to see recipes posted over certain time spans. The search filter will show as follows on the left sidebar of your Recipe Index page:

In the latest version of the theme, we've made changes so that interchanging between Kale Pro and Elara Pro is a seamless experience. All Recipe Cards and Recipe Index templates work with the same settings in both themes.

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