Promo Box Widget (Pro only)

The Elara - Promo Box widget is a versatile widget, that can be used any widget area. 

In our demo, we've used multiple promo boxes in the Front Page Promo Box area, and also placed some in the sidebars.

On the Front Page

When added to the Front Page - Promo Box area, the promo boxes build in a carousel format. You can add as many as you like in that area to keep adding more items to the carousel. 

In the Sidebars

However, when added to the sidebar areas, the promo box shows up as a recommendation box. This is a very flexible widget, as you can link it to any URL. So the possibilities are endless - for example, you can link to your affiliate URLs, any external website or store, or your own WooCommerce products. 

You can set up the widget by going to Appearance > Widgets then dragging and dropping the Elara Pro - Promo Box widget into an area of your choice. In widget settings, you can change the title, description, featured image, item price, URL, and button name. The Widget settings menu looks as follows:

This is the appearance of a sample Promo Box at the front end:

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