Header Widgets

The contents of header widgets appear at the very top of the page. You can choose to place navigation menu(s), social media links, or a search widget here.

Top Bar - Right

There is one widget area designated for the header widgets: it's called Top Bar - Right.

On our demo, this widget area is shows two components: Social Menu and Search. To set them up, you can go to Appearance > Widgets then drag and drop relevant widgets into the Top Bar area. 

The top header widget area called  Top Bar - Right is capable of handling any sort of widget. It can be a Custom Navigation Menu, Text, or Search, for example.

If Custom Menu / Navigation Menu widget is assigned with a menu called “Social”, it will automatically show social media icons.

More information on setting up social media links can be found   here.

To set up menus for the Top Bar:

Go to Appearance > Menus, and add a new menu. You can add posts, pages, custom links, categories, etc. to this menu. For more information on how to create menus, please read  https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Menu_User_Guide.
Then go to Appearance > Widgets and assign the Navigation Menu widget to the Top Bar area.
Select the menu you just created for this area (in step 1 above) and hit Save.

In order to show the Search form, simply drag and drop the Search widget into the designated widget area. 

These are the settings for the widget in  our demo.

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