MailChimp Subscription Forms / Widget (Pro Only)

Ariel Pro includes MailChimp integration (newsletter subscription form) built right in! 

With Ariel Pro, it's easy to create a newsletter subscription box, as it comes in a built-in widget. You can put the Ariel Pro - MailChimp widget in any widget area, for example on the sidebar or in a footer column. 

Here is what you need in order to get started with MailChimp and the Ariel Pro MailChimp widget:

Sign up for MailChimp, or  log into your account
Go to your Account page to get your API Key - for more details, read the instructions  here
You will also need to either create a new list or or get the list ID of a current list that you'd like to use. For more details, read the instructions  here.
Now drag the ArielPro - MailChimp widget in any sidebar or footer area.
You can provide a custom title and description to the form. 

Save the widget - it will create a nicely formatted subscription form on the website. 
When added to a sidebar.

This is how the widget will show up in the Home Full location:

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