Slider Layout Options

There are three slider types included with the theme:

  • Default
  • Full Width (Pro Only)
  • With Thumbnails

Go to  Appearance > Customize > Front Page > Banner / Slider and choose a layout for your new Front Page slider. 

Default Layout

The default layout shows the slider across the length of the page content, leaving a margin on both sides. 

The optimum image size for the slider is 1170 x 550px (for the default style).

Full Width Layout (Pro Only)

The full width banner shows across the width of the whole page, stretching from one end of the window to another. 

Layout With Thumbnails 

The  slider with thumbnails  leaves around 1/3 of the designated banner space to show thumbnails and article titles on the right side. These thumbnails show a preview of the slide content and can be used to navigate to the slides as needed.

The optimum image size for the slider is at least 870x550px for the style with thumbnails.

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